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Your Comfort Level from the First Meeting


From the first meeting through   pre-production, field production, editing and distribution, we will fulfill your needs. You will know that your goals are being met, that you feel comfortable with creative decisions and that your project is proceeding smoothly and on schedule.


We Look Beyond the Video

Quite often a video is part of a broader campaign. We have extensive advertising, marketing and public relations experience. This means we will integrate your video smoothly with other media and larger-scale communication efforts. In fact, sending out your video as a combination print mailer and mini-DVD often makes a very cost-effective marketing tool.


Natural and Credible


One of our specialties is working with real-life folks and conducting natural, unscripted interviews that make your video believable and hold the attention of your audience.  When the viewer can relate to the person being interviewed as authentic, it establishes a level of relevance and credibility that is crucial to the success of any communication effort.



Full Service Communication Services

In addition to producing your video, we will help you with any number of related activities, including:

  • Duplication/Replication
  • Distribution
  • Market Research
  • Animation and Graphic Design
  • Promotion and Public Relations
  • Preparing Videos for Websites
  • Securing Testimonials
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